June 8, 2011


Oh my, I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  The WARMTH has not only appreared (as well as some of the rain DISappearing), but along with all of that rain and now sunshine, we are seeing things spring up like CRAZY in the garden! 

I will share pics soon, I am actually working (volunteering on our church office while many people from our church get to go to Israel!).  So I will add pics when I have time in the next day or 2.  But we are REALLY enjoying the harvest of STRAWBERRIES that we have been getting DAILY!  The last 2 mornings, I have enjoyed a fresh ORGANIC strawberry and raw milk smoothie for breakfast!  Doesn't get any better than that! (Well, maybe with some homegrown raw honey!)

Lettuce is also coming on!  I CANNOT WAIT for that!

Many othering things are Springing up!  Pics coming VERY soon!

What are you enjoying from your garden/farm???


Jennifer said...

We haven't harvested anything yet, but I do have strawberries that are getting big. My 2 separate plantings of lettuce yielded nothing (probably the rain) and my peas have yet to produce and now it is likely too hot for them to last much longer. Not a good year so far.

Missy said...

Oooh, I love strawberries.. I have yet to venture in to growing strawberries.. I have planted them, my sweet hubby tilled them LOL, I haven't tried again since then. You are inspiring me to consider them for next year- everything else is doing really well- especially the raspberries...

Enjoy your smoothies -


btw- a church trip to Isreal?? how incredibly awesome!

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