September 9, 2008

Crock Pot Recipes NEEDED!

OK- listen up people. We need recipes. Crock pot recipes. And we need 'em in a bad way.

I love the crock pot... I love the thought of it. I LOVE coming home to a crock pot of food almost done. I love the smell of dinner already filling the house... And the work was already done. THAT'S my favorite.

I think that I keep pretty busy. Thankfully, 2 boys are going to school right now, so that frees up some time, but we have the rush in the morning, and the whirl-wind in the evening when the come home. Then we have to go through papers, change clothes, do chores, supper, do homework (yeah 1st and 2nd graders have homework, and lots of spelling words!), then shower and off to bed. They DO get to play for a little while, when I am making supper.

But, I want to make my evenings less resembling like a cyclone and more like a gentle breeze... I like the sound of that more.

So, here's the thing... I never really knew how to cook until I got married... poor hubby. So just about everything I cook now, I have had to learn on my own. I am thankfully good at following directions, or we would all be eattin' McD's everyday, and that would not bode well in my home!

So, if you all would be so kind, I would LOVE some good crock pot recipes! Like more main dish, all encompassing type meals. Thank you so much...

My crock pot thanks you too...

Thank you!

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Joy ☺ said...

Oh my goodness, I have a whole little book completely devoted to that and I should just GIVE IT TO YOU. You can have it. :)
OH! Of course you can add me to your blog! I'd be honored too!!! :)
Do you have email?
Where did you get your playlist for your blog. I love How great is our God. I've never learned how to get a playlist on mine.
Good Luck with the recipes! :)