September 7, 2008


Today was Deklyn & Austin's first soccer game! Considering they have only had like 3 practices and never played before that, they did really well. Deklyn loves to run and likes to play. Austin is pretty competitive... It was fun to watch.

Nana and Paw (aka- Carolyn & Lowell, or hubby's parents) came to the game.

I loved soccer also, because, unlike baseball (this summer), each child got equal (and I mean EQUAL) playing time... AND it was only an hour long. THAT was great. It was a no stress, fun to watch game.

And as usual, here are some pics for you!

Here's Austin throwing the ball in:

Here's Deklyn running after the ball. (green shirt, light blue shorts)

Here's Nana and Koen:

We won! Well, they didn't keep score, but the kids did! And yes, my awesome husband is helping coach the team, though he has not played, watched, nor read about soccer, in all of his life...

Great Job Kids!!!

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