October 6, 2008

Boys Morning Out

Saturday, the "big boys" got a morning/afternoon out. They got up in the morning and went squirrel hunting. Thank goodness, there were no deaf or extremely slow squirrels, or we'd be eattin' some squirrel out of the crock pot! (Believe me, it's happened before. I don't use THAT crock pot anymore...)

But sending those 3 smaller boys and the one big one out into a woods... well, everything knows your comin'. (Even the deaf ones cans probably feel the vibration in the trees.)

So, yeah, they didn't get anything. Darn.

Then they continued on the second leg of their fun day and they went canoeing. Hubby wanted to take me, but I have a baby and haven't really wanted to start feed him the expensive milk from the can yet. So we stayed home.

But the boys had a good time. They never tipped the canoe. And they came up good and tired out. A good time to go shoppin'... =)

Here are a couple of pick of my precious little squirrel (wanna-be) killers...

I just wish they'd stay this size forever....

1 comment:

Joy ☺ said...

Aww. I love the pic of them sitting all 3 side by side on the edge of the middle of the canoe (the shot where you can see the whole canoe)
What a fun day!
I'll bet you got a nap in! ha ha.