October 10, 2008

Price Of Groceries

A new Blog I found and have now bookmarked, asked the question "How much do you pay for groceries?". She is from Canada, and the prices she has listed seem a bit higher then they are here. But here are some prices that I came up with, with help from a Meijer flyer. Note: these are not the prices I pay for these items, I will tell you why at the end!

1 Gal Milk- $1.99-2.50
10 lb potatoes- $2.69-3.49
fruit, apples- $.99-1.39/lb.
oranges- ???
bananas- $.55/lb
grapes- $.99/lb +
Produce, lettuce- bagged $1.50-2.00
cucumbers- $3/1.00
tomatoes- $1.29/lb
Froz Corn- $1.00 off brand
coffee- $1.89 (very good sale)-5.99
Toilet paper 12 double- $5.99- 6.99
gound beef- $1.89-2.29
cold cuts- 16 oz. ham or turkey $2.50
block of cheese- 6-8 oz. $2.33
lb. of Butter or margarine- around $1. or less
oreos- off brand $2.00
Can of Beans- $1.
Can of Tomatoes- $.79
14-16 oz. Pasta- $.79- 1.19

Gas (I also have a Suburban to fill!)- $3.39 (that is the lowest it's been in a while...)

I save money using coupons WITH sales. When things are on sale, I check to see if I have a coupon. If I do- I stock up! I hardly ever pay regular price for things now. And a lot of things I get if not FREE, are at least quite a bit cheaper than the regular price.


Bobbie said...

Your prices sound really good. I cant get a pound of butter for less than $3 and that is the off brand! But I also use sales/coupoons... I am not as good as it I would like...

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Aw, shucks! You bookmarked me?! You can be my new BFF, kay...well, after Christine and Bobbie... You've got some nice prices 'round your parts.