November 21, 2008

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

When I search the Internet, I always bookmark ideas for gifts. Whether for Christmas or birthdays or whatever, you can save some money on making your own gifts! Which I love!

This year, with my husband's family, the adults are exchanging names for Christmas, and we have a $5. limit. With the kids, we are also exchanging names with a $10. limit. How can we possibly get any GOOD gifts for $5 & $10 ???

Well, first of all, you need to do some deal shopping! You can get lots of good deals on things by shopping the deals. Go to Money Saving Mom or Common Sense with Money. They list good deals & free items. Along with my sister-in-law's blog, Daily Essentials & Deals. Plus, these sites will all help you save money on other items too!

Second, you can make items to give for Christmas or other holidays! I realize not everyone is "CraFtY", but there are some crafts that with some time and patience, almost anyone can do!

So, I am going to include some links here that you can try. Some take a little more ability, some don't take as much.

So try these:
  • Make ornaments for your Christmas tree or just to hang on a shelf, out of cinnamon & applesauce. These smell really good! Go HeRe.
  • These Felt Crowns take a sewing machine, but would be a great gift for children who love to dress up! Go HeRe.
  • Make bulb forcer, HeRe. And decorate it in pretty paper! Hardly any craft-ability needed!
  • HeRe is a trash to treasure project. Take a sweater you don't want anymore, and make cozies for your kitchen items!
  • Try a "Rice Pillow" to warm you in the winter, or to help that achin' neck or back. Great gift. Go HeRe.
  • These are also a cute idea, and a moneysaver for the person you are giving them to. Wool Dryer Balls. They help your clothes dry faster! Gotta Love Faster and Cheaper! Go HeRe!
  • Also, the gift of FOOD is great! Find little tins on sale, make some type of favorite food item, and it's a great gift that anyone who likes to eat, will love!

Do you have any moneysaving tips for Christmas or some great sites to look at for ideas???


Joy ☺ said...

Look at you! You are crowned miss "savvy". And as a side note, I was getting behind, so I read up on your archives and I BUSTE UP LAUGHING at you saying Dekklyn is a control freak because plans all of their snow activities. Too Funny! Love it!

Joy ☺ said...

Umm.. That's BUSTED. I did not proof read my comment. Now I know I should proof read, and spell check, and use proper punctuation in my daily life. Thank you for using this blog post to remind me of what is important in life.

Megan said...

good ideas and post. I'm so not good at doing stuff like this...