December 20, 2008

9 Months!

Today is my baby's 9 month birthday!

He's getting so big. Of course my other boys were crawling all around at this stage. But not Koen. He's very content just hangin' out.

At least he can sit up now. And he LOVES it. Here is a picture of him watching one of his favorite movies, "Stranger in the Woods". This is a very cute movie, and Caden & Koen love it.

If you haven't noticed, Koen is very excited about lots of stuff... He's such a precious boy! I love those chubby cheeks when he gives a big grin...

And for those of you who are not from northern Indiana, we had an Ice storm on Thursday night, and woke up to more snow covered with ice. The boys (big and small) had a blast with the sled today... And temps will continue to drop.
hhhhhh.... That is me exhaling really loudly because I want you to hear how much I dislike the cold. Not just cold, the FREEZING temps. It's supposed to get below zero.... hhhhhh.....

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Megan said...

very cute!

I thought by your title that maybe you were annoucing something!!!
9 mo.