February 17, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

On Tuesday, I am going to start participating in Practical Tip Tuesday, where you give practical tips!

So, mine today, I actually did last night. I give all haircuts in my house. My husband's and my boy's. I used to do mine until my sister became a beautician and pretty much refused to let me do it myself. So, now I just do all of the boy's.

Here they are, all happy that I FINALLY cut their hair:

What is the practical tip in this? Don't be afraid to do it yourself! After my husband and I were first married, he went to a barber and and his hair buzzed. And paid too much. So he bought a Wahl Hair razor, with different heads to set the length of the hair. Out of necessity, I became the beautician, I mean barber, and started learning how to cut hair!
Last summer, after using that razor for 9 years, we got a new razor, this one by Vidal Sassoon. I'm not as big of a fan of the new one, but it serves it's purpose, high and tight cuts.
With my boy, Caden, pictured on the left above, I cut his hair with a pair of scissors. Yeah, a basic pair of cuttin'a piece of paper scissors. I know, I am going to invest in some real sheers. Last night, I also experimented with thinning the boy's hair (it is SO thick!), I did the top I left it a little longer and just thinned it.
So, my practical tip is: DO IT YOURSELF! Invest in some decent equipment, and cut hair yourself! I was never trained, and frankly had no desire to cut anyone's hair, but out of the frugalness of our hearts, we learn! =)
Do, you have a Practical Tip??? Go HERE to share, and to read other tips!


Megan said...

Great tip Sarah!! I do my boys with a razor too. I even tried to use scissors on Shad last year. I'm not good with scissors but a buzz I can handle.

Do you use razor on Austin and Deklyns hair? If so what size guard do you use. Maybe I should try a longer guard and try it on Shad???

thanks for the tip!!

Sarah said...

THe longest guard I have is #4, but on Deklyn and Austin's sides I use a #3, and then trim the top with scissors. Usually I will do the #4 on the top in the summer, which puts the hair shorter!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

This is something I know I should do, but have been so afraid to try. Maybe soon...thanks for the tip and inspiration!

Joy ☺ said...

Aha! Very smart and frugal! I'm quite chicken to try that myself, but now that I know you had no desire to learn but tried it anyway and now you are an EXPERT, I might give it a try. Jason cuts his own hair with a razor he has so I might let him try it on Dawson. I am always afraid he'll go to short.

Genesa said...

Good Tip! We do this too!