March 9, 2009

Links to Love

My Internet hasn't been working for like 3 days, and it is finally working today!!! I am in total withdraw.

Today, I thought I would give you some links to look at.

  • First, with my other blog, this week I am cleaning my main bathroom. And not just cleaning, Spring Cleaning. I am going through cupboards and wiping down everything. Do you realize how many germs are in your bathroom? Do you realize when you flush your toilet, if the lid is up, then a plume of water and other matter from your toilet, is spread through out the bathroom??? Landing on nearby toothbrushes, hand towels, etc? Go check it out!

  • Second, don't forget about Swagbucks! This is an EASY way to earn points towards the purchase of gift cards, and tons of other things. And it's free. No commitment. You can download their toolbar, do all of your regular searches through them (Google & And every few searches you can earn points towards purchases. It is SOOO simple! Go here to check it out and sign up. (All they need is your name and e-mail address!)

  • To get all of the good deals this week go here. She not only has the deals for the week posted but there is also a giveaway for some great potpourri and scent that ends tomorrow!!! So go here to sign up!

  • Also, if your family loves tacos and you maybe running out of all of the taco shells Meijer paid you to take away in the fall, then go here for a recipe for homemade soft tortillas. They are awesome! I will never buy store bought shells again (well, unless they pay me to take them..). Try them this week!

  • Check out this recipe for pitas. We also made these this week and they were awesome! We didn't end up using a bread machine. We just kneaded the bread (using warm water) and then letting it rise until doubled. We took some of our $.25 smoked turkey we got from Kroger last week, and some organic lettuce that was on sale a week ago at Meijer and some real mayo, and the pita was great!!! Try it for your self! These make a great lunch item!

Have a great week!


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