March 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Today the temperatures are supposed to starting heading up!

So, I will say today that is something I love. I love warm weather. I love when the grass starts to turn green, when the trees start to get those new leaves. I love when I can start planting flowers and a garden. I love when we can enjoy breakfast on our back patio as the sun is coming up. I love watching the animals milling around the yard looking for food or something to play with. I even love the smell of the rain when it is warm enough to keep the windows open, and the rain has just started. As it waters the seeds planted in the fields.

Only a few more weeks!

So, what do YOU love this Thursday???


Megan said...

that is too funny--we're thinkin' about the same things!

Danielle said...

Did you and Megan call each other???? HAHA!!! I totally agree we are going to spend as much time outside as we can today!!! Do what I am not sure yet but something FUN and OUTSIDE!!!

Megan said...

man Sarah, feel free to kick my rear!! I just realized I forgot your banner and to link up

Man I needed my head examined

I fixed it now! I'm very sorry...