April 9, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Spring Babies!

Wow, busy morning! It started with a call at 6:30 am, saying "your babies are here!" So, I told the hubby and he drove to the post office to get our babies from the mail carrier. Story not makin' sense?

Well, for any of you that have gotten these, it makes perfect sense:

Yes, you can get baby chicks in the mail. These 26 babies here came in a VERY small box, about 6x8'' in size. And they sent them on Monday! So, 3 days with no food, water or other heat (besides their fluffy little bodies) and only one of them isn't acting well. The rest are peepin' so loud, it almost hurts your ears!
I love watching these fluffy little chicks (and 4 dudes) running around, checkin out their new surroundings. We have 2 kinds, Buff Orpingtons (the yellow) and Americauna (the multicolored). The Americauna ones lay the "Easter Eggs", the are green and blue colored eggs, and the Buff lay brown, and are good at sitting on their eggs and hatching chicks!
So, we are very excited!
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Megan said...

Oh they are sooo cute!! Someday maybe we'll get some too!

Genesa said...

I can almost hear them! They look so cute!

Joy ☺ said...

Awww! I want to cuddle with one. Did you know you can squeeze the poop out of them? I saw it on an episode of dirty jobs once.

Homemade Mom said...

How cool! What on earth do you plan on doing with them? I have to know!!!

Sarah said...

Well, until they get bigger, I guess we just feed them... When they get big enough, HOPEFULLY they will lay lots of eggs for us! We have lots of people that love to have our boys bring them eggs. With the money that the boys make, they give it as a tithe in church. They love that!

We already have some older (14) chickens that lay eggs for us, and we love having them around. I love how they know us and will sometimes follow us around the barn yard, bawking and all... =)

MommaD said...

my hubby is a mailman, and it always freaks out a bit to deliver the chicks every spring!