May 6, 2009

30 Days on the (mini) Farm- Day 17

Day 17! We are over half way done with our 30 Days on the (mini) Farm!

Well, today was a little chilly. There was a chance of rain, and I was actually HOPING it was going to rain because of the garden we planted yesterday! And it didn't. But, we will hope the weatherman is at least right tonight...

The chill didn't bother the animals on the 8 Muddy Boots Farm today. They were all out and about, busy doing... whatever they do......

Here is a guy we haven't seen yet. His name is Josh, and he is a pheasant hunting dog (Brittany Spaniel). Josh is a good dog, and a pretty good listener. Besides loving to mark all territory as his own, he is a very nice dog. Here he is:

Here are some bluebird eggs I found today. We have a birdhouse that hubby made 2 years ago, and for the last 2 years, this house has held 3-4 different families each summer.

I hope you had a great day, and we will see you tomorrow!

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carrie said...

Josh is adorable. i don't think we have met him yet. wait till zach sees his pic!