May 5, 2009

30 Days on the (mini) Farm- Day 16

Another beautiful day, the sun was shining, and it was even a little warmer than yesterday, about 72 degrees. While I was grocery shopping for my little piglets, I stopped and got some seeds for my garden. This weekend a man from our church came and tilled another garden spot for me. Hubby thinks I'm nutty, but this year, I'm going to do it! I am going to have a nice, PRODUCTIVE garden! =)

So, after all of the groceries were put away, and Koen was fast asleep, I went out and started planting, soon the boys got into it also. I have to keep them excited about our garden, cuz they are going to be my big garden helpers!

Here they are cute and goofy:

I had them put this piece of hose in between seeds as a spacer. They loved it, and just look at the teamwork! Girl (dog) on the other hand, is NOT impressed...

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