June 2, 2009

30 Days on the (mini) Farm- Day 24

Sorry I didn't get on yesterday! It was pretty much rainy and then turned sunny, long enough to have a nice supper outside. Then it started raining again... Which I appreciate, since I want my garden to grow!

Today was pretty much the same kind of day. Rain to start it off. And of course it rained as I did my grocery shopping today... And it stopped after we were done.

Well, we took some rainy time picks. The boys and I were just messing around with the camera, and here is my Caden showing me his "big mustles":

He has a crown on his head, and he's pretty much the cutest thing...

Speaking of cutest thing:

He loves to act surprised, and then to look at his picture (over and over and over...). Goofy kids anyways...

So, then tonight I went out and was going to get some pics on the (mini) farm, and I erased a few pics so I could get a few on the farm (my memory card is full!), and it only gave me one picture for the 3 I erased! So here is the ONE picture. It is of my Barred Rock hens.

If you have never heard me talk about it, I love our chickens, even though with them running freely about our property, I will never have nice flower beds (they LOVE to dig in the mulch!). I love to watch them run to me when I am walking around in the yard, I love to listen to their little "brrraaaaaakk". It's like they are trying to talk to me! They really are a joy.
Hopefully, if my Internet is not moving SUPER SLOW, like it is right now, I can get some pics downloaded and be able to have more for tomorrow...
Until then, I hope your day was a blessing! See you tomorrow!

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Bláithín said...

Cute little dudes and chickies! :-)