June 29, 2009

Super Mom???

Do you ever scan your home? Seeing crushed Cheerios on the kitchen floor from 1 baby boy spilling them and 3 other boys running over the top of them with trucks? Seeing a small mountain of laundry waiting to be separated and put away? Seeing your own "to-do" list on the table with hardly anything marked off? Seeing the calendar telling you that tomorrow is grocery day, and you haven't got a clue what your plan is yet? To see that same calendar also telling you that in less then 6 days, you are leaving 4 family members behind to fend for themselves for a week while you travel 4 states away from them?
Ahhhhh!!!! This is my day. Actually my minute. Because as soon as I can get the end to this paragraph, I am going to keep on, keepin' on. Because with God, all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible."


Elizabeth said...

Hey, Sarah, where did you get that picture of me?? LOL!! I don't look and see a small moutain of laundry. I see Mt. Everest when I look at my laundry...but we just keep on keepin on like you said, because that is what God has called us to, and even when it seems impossible to us, which it so often does to me...I realize that it is possible through Him...sometimes we just need to make sure that we are keeping with His priorities, and not our own! Thanks for the reminder!! There is no supermom out there, just really great moms, who love Jesus, and their children, and are trying to do what is right!

Joy ☺ said...

Where are you going?!
You crack me up. If I'm afraid Dawson will crush his cheerios into the floor, I make him eat cheese instead. Then he gets constipated and has rabbit pellet poop.
Did you get everything done????

Cher said...

In my house it is my 1 yr. old dropping the cheerios and my 2 yr. old purposely smashing them! I gave up cleaning, now I just push it out of the way!

Just saw you on Mommy PR linky and stopping by to say Hi!