June 25, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Roses

It's Thursday, and it is already BLAZING HOT out. It's been blazing for the last few days. It would be nice to have A/C but we don't! Right now, ceiling fans keep it in the 70's in our house. Thank goodness for those big shade trees around the house! We do have a window A/C unit for the boy's upstairs, and it feels quite nice up there!
On to the things I love! Even in the blazing heat and LOTS of rain we've got, some things (namely plants) LOVE this weather. I know this is ONE plant that does. And this is the thing I LOVE today!


These are the roses that were my GREAT-GRANDMA's. I got a start of them last year and so each one of these roses are about the size of a nickle. But, they bring so many memories to mind as I look at them. SO many good memories of being able to live beside my great-grandma growing up, her cooking, these roses floating in a vase, looking so pretty...

So, now it's YOUR turn! Tell us what YOU love today. Share with us by linking directly to your link, not your general site. We would LOVE to see what YOU love today!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Mominin said...

Beautiful roses! How cool that they are from your Grandmother's roses.

Shelly said...

I love roses too! Beautiful photos! My favorites are yellow roses.

Joy ☺ said...

You don't have A/C? How do you sleep at night? Do you toss and turn and sleep with a hand held fan in your hand that gets tangled in your hair?
Love your roses. Great job with getting them to grow! :)

Days of Whine & Noses said...


I am following you through MBC but do not see you are following me

Samantha Gianulis said...

Your roses are so beautiful, and the fact that they are generational makes them even more so. I loved the photos!