July 3, 2009

Garden Update!

In the last 2 weeks my garden has really started taking off! Here are some pics of my garden right now:
This is my "corn garden"~ Notice the new little sprouts coming up on the left...
This is the rest of the garden. Potatoes to the far left. 3 rows of green beans (I recently had to replant for the 3rd time, so some a quite small...), Cauliflower, the all the way on the right is a mixture of summer squash, zucchini & Cucumbers. At the bottom of the pic are my tomato plants. Remember those guys? I planted them from seed in my house, and some people thought I was nutty. Now who's laughin'? hahahaha HAHAHAHHHAAA!!!! (that was ME!)

Did you have a garden this year? How did it do??? I invite you to leave a link in the comments, so we can all see!

I already have plants for next years garden. One of them includes making my 2 gardens into one... I hope my hubby doesn't freak out TOO bad! =)

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Meagan said...

I am very jealous of you garden. I have one but it is very small. I hope the next place we live I have much for small to garden.

Following you now from MBC