October 27, 2009

The End of Soccer Season

Well, Sunday was end of our boy's soccer season. I love our soccer program because they don't keep score (I love when they let little kids JUST HAVE FUN!), because they play against kids from their own school, and because they let EVERYONE play the same amount!

I think it is SO important to not force kids to be competitive. Baseball was that way for our oldest son this year. He liked it but he never got to play because he just wanted to go and have fun. But they ended up making him dread his games, scared that when he FINALLY got to bat, the he was going to mess up. Talk about an unhappy mama!

But this soccer program is different, and I know, some people like to push their kids a little more, and give them a competitive edge... And that's OK. But I love when a kid can be a kid and have some fun. They have YEARS before they need pressures of performing "the best".

So here are some pictures of my boys, and their 'metal' that they got for playing this year:

Now I have to tell you about Caden... This was his first sport, and his very first "twophy"... HE was SO proud... You can see how happy he was to display this around his little neck:

Dang it, they are cute! Sorry... proud mama! =)

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Megan said...

Good Job boys, then look great on you!!!