December 18, 2009

Christmas Memories...


For some, it is stress of buying the perfect gifts. For me, it's a day of Thankfulness and memories.

If Christmas, for me, gets to a point of stress, I know I am not in it for the right reasons. So, I work at getting things done ahead of time, then I can sit and reflect on memories and the wonderful gift given by Jesus...

Christmas cookies can be fun to make, especially with 4 little boys! Here, we were making Christmas cut-out cookies and homemade hot cocoa that we are giving as gifts, for teachers, mailman, etc. They LOVE to "help" in the kitchen. You can tell by the MESS!:

One of my favorite things about having a Christmas tree, is the memories on every bough... Here is an ornament we made one year. Austin was 3 and he made Buzz Lightyear:

To the right are some ornaments that I made for the boys. On the left is a sand dollar. This reminds me of the MANY Christmas's that I spent with my family in Florida at Christmas. There weren't many gifts those years, BUT we were together, we had TONS of fun, and made lots of memories that I will never forget:

Here is one item in our house that make the cold a little more tolerable! Our corn/ pellet burner. I love to plant myself right in the front of it, or in the big chair right next to it... I don't fall asleep very easily anywhere that is not my own bed, but I HAVE fallen asleep in this chair, by the fire:

This is one thing that I feel SO blessed to have. A manger. This is our first year with this. If you remember, in July, my mom and I went to Florida to move my grandpa's things home and to sell his place there. Well, this is one thing I got from their place down there. It was my grandma's. I loved my grandma and miss her so much. I remember Christmas's at her house. All the delicious food, grandpa's crabbing (yes, he's still a crabby old man!), grandma's love... I miss those days like CRAZY... I miss my grandma like crazy. But I just have to remember that she gets to celebrate Christmas with JESUS! How awesome...

What blessings. I hope to, for many more years, make the same great memories for my family.

Thank you Jesus, for humbling yourself, by being born into a human body on this Earth, in a manger. Thank you for being the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can spent eternity with you, if we choose to accept it! Thank you for the BEST GIFT EVER!


my little world said...

I feel the same way. I don't want Christmas time to be stessful either. Great pictures :)
Merry Christmas!

Megan said...

I hate stress esp. at Christmas time!!! Next week will be a week of cookies, games, and fun!!

Love the pics!

See you Friday!!

shelley said...

Hi Sarah,

i haven't stopped over in a while and i wanted to say "hi!" and wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday seson!


ps there is nothing better then baking cookies with your kids, and i love the homemade ornaments!

prashant said...

! Next week will be a week of cookies, games, and fun!!

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