December 15, 2009

Question! Self- Sufficiency?

One goal of mine for this new year, is to be able to glean more from the land we already own. I mean, we have 10 acres of land, and it is just sitting there! For over a year now, I have been wanting to do more, and I think the momentum is just starting to build now to do that.

I would LOVE to cut my grocery budget by even MORE because I have canned and frozen items from my garden and from our land! It IS possible to get nearly all of our food from this 10 acres! And I want to work towards doing better at using what we have!

I'm sure most of you have heard of the term "self- sufficient"? That is being able to produce on your own, all of the things required to live! I think the TOTAL self- sufficient life-style is impossible. I mean unless you are even making ALL of your clothing from things you produce on your land and such. Which, NO WAY am I going to do that here! Don't worry family, I won't show up at your home someday sporting a corn husk skirt and grass shirt... I'm just being silly! But, for sure, it WON'T happen. :)

So, have any of you thought about using what you have to grow your own food?

I have read about PLENTY of people who produce 100% of the veggies they eat in a year, and 50% or more of the fruits. And I think I COULD do that!

My husband got a deer this fall and I think we are set on burger for a while, as well as some roasts and stewing meat. And we also have chicken in the freezer and will probably get some meat chickens in the spring. The deer will save us LOTS of money. And they chicken will save us some, beside the fact of knowing it was raised and fed good things!

How many of you grow your own food? How much of it do you produce? Including meats? Take my survey above, if you would, please! I was just wondering how many of you are out there, wanting to more! Leave a comment also!

More to come on the HEALTH benefits of growing your own food!


Megan said...

I only voted 1-25%

Wish it were more and I'm working on it. I hated seeing my apples trees go. I got so much almost free applesauce from them this year. My garden will hopefully produce lots more potatoes this year.
baby steps!!!! oh and I really want chickens!!

Anonymous said...

We've been gardening for years. What percentage of what we eat do we grow? That is a tough one. With canning and drying and eating fresh I never gave that a thought. Over half the veggies I would say. 20% of the fruit. Best I can figure. Some of our fruit trees died in the last few years and new ones have not produced yet and some have not even been replaced yet. We sure want to do more in every direction of self sufficiency. I thought we did little till I started listing it but there is always something to inprove or start doing. This is a lifestyle we love and enjoy.