December 29, 2009

What We Are Doing to Change Next Year

Almost 2 weeks ago, I layed out for you what I personally am going to try to do in the new year to make my family healthier, to save some money, and to just be less wasteful (which also saves more money!)!

Here is some great info on the top 7 foods to avoid this coming year, from Dr. Mercola. You might be as surprised as I was, on what is on the list. Actually, one of the items I had for dinner last night... bummer.

Another good article by Dr. Mercola, is on contamination in food. This article further encourages me to grow my own food this next year! And buy less from the grocery store!

I was just checking out our little survey that we took here, where 88% percent grew 1-25% of their food that they eat. There was one that grew MOST of the food that they ate (75-100%!!!), which is AWESOME! I personally grew about 3% of the food that we eat right now. Which I am definitely upping this next year! (Just have to take care of the Chicken thieving problem! Maybe a fence around the garden?)

We eat our own eggs, we have been eating our own chicken that my hubby butchered, we processed the deer that my hubby shot this Fall, we have some jelly that we made (but didn't grow the berries, but they were local...), did some grape jelly, which WAS from our farm, that I fought the chickens for (LITERALLY). I also bought some local apples to make applesauce and dried apples... Also processed some pumpkin that I bought. So the meat is about 3%, the other things were local but not home grown...

I already have my seed list ready from this place, Pinetree Garden Seeds. I was recommended this company by my aunt, and have seen on the Internet that their sales over doubled last year so they had a hard time getting all of the orders out in a timely manner. I am going to try to avoid that issue and hopefully order this week. I am ordering all heirloom seeds, which through this company, prices are great! I have a pretty large order and the total cost is below $50. Just think, with that $50., I am going to be able to feed my family through out the year! Not for a week, or part of a week, like $50 would do at the grocery store! That makes me happy! :) It will also up our percentage of food that WE produce... YAY!

Also, hopefully in the next few weeks, we will be getting new member in the Muddy Boots family. We are looking for a pregnant milking goat, Deklyn is taking the baby to 4H, and we of course would love to have the fresh milk (especially after reading the contamination article above!). There goes our food production, up, up, up! :)

So, how many of you are going to INCREASE the amount of food you produce on your land (I use that term, land, loosely!) this year? I am going to set a LOW goal of 50%, and a high goal of 75%. The 75% sounds great, but in the past have only done 3%! So I have quite a jump! Please share with us, if you plan to increase the amount you grow this year. If you would, also please share in the comments what you are doing this year!

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Megan said...

Yea we plan to increase a little bit! chickens for eggs, more tomatoes, and potatoes in garden. Not sure what else. Probably more baby steps for us. You're taking a GIANT STEP. We want a milking goat and have for some time. We'll watch you and see how it goes!!

Oh and might try to grow our own wheat! we'll see!

Good Luck I think you'll get there will all you have on your plate!!