January 4, 2010

New Year on the Farm

I hope you all are having a GREAT new year so far! I have high hopes, and have big plans for myself this year! We will see what God wills, and what I can get off my rump and DO!!! :)

It has been pretty much snowing everyday, here in Indiana. Temps are getting to their highest today with, I think, 23 degrees. It was a high of about 15 yesterday and 18 the day before... My wonderful hubby got me some coveralls for Christmas, and I have put those to good use already! I like them a lot, but look forward to warmer weather when I don't have to be all bundled up!

This morning, I took the camera with me and got some pictures of our animals...

Here are the ducks. We lost a Male Mallard a few weeks ago, when we were having wind gusts up to 55 MPH and lots of snow. I looked for him several times when he came up missing, but never found him. I am hoping he flew south for the Winter... :) I just LOVE our ducks. They are so cute and I love their quacking. They are very friendly, especially if you bring food!

I went into the chicken coop this morning, and the chickens had drank all of their water overnight. So I refilled and they waited in the coop for me to return with their apple cider vinegar laced water... Sugar, the cat, also got in on the water party:

Puck, our only male Jacob sheep, has been by himself, ever since we got Lindsay. You are supposed to separate the males from the females after a certain time, if they could be pregnant, so the males don't get too rough with the females. So, he had been a little sad for a while, and slightly upset with me. But, I think he is over that now. He has been a good boy, and I think he is getting used to life as a bachelor...

Here are my girls. I just find so much joy in them! They both have personalities that make them so interesting. No wonder Puck was having a hard time leaving! Myst is on the left and Lindsay is on the right. Myst is quite a bit smaller (9 mo. old), and could be pregnant. Lindsay is a lot bigger (2 1/2 years old) and hopefully will have at LEAST one baby, if not more for us in March/April!

Here is Lindsay. She was not used to much one on one attention from people. So she was a real scaredy-cat. But, now she is really warming up to me (as you can see with her nose in my camera!). She even ate grain out of my hand last night! She is getting brave! Look how cute:

Yeah, she has a little hay on her face. As you can see the ground is covered with snow, so we have had to give them hay to eat. Although, they like to dig through the snow and nibble on what grass they can still find!

Hopefully in the next week or so, we will be getting a goat! Who is HOPEFULLY pregnant! We have want to have milk (GOOD milk) and then my oldest son can take the baby to 4H! Along with a baby sheep!

I am so excited about all of the new life happening on our farm! Are any of YOUR animals expecting babies this winter/spring??? Please share!!! Are you getting any new animals???


Jennifer said...

Your weather sounds like ours - miserable! It has been snowing for 5 days now and it won't let up for a few more. I can't wait for spring!

Sarah said...

Jennifer~ Yes, there are no signs of a warm-up here either! SPRING! SPRING! SPRING!