January 27, 2010


If it weren't a chilling 28 degrees outside right now, I would almost think it were Spring! The sun is shining and I got my seeds today in the mail! Woot!

Along with MANY variety of Heirloom seeds, I also got seeds and Sprout topper to try my hand at growing sprouts... We love salads around here, and I guess they are a good additive to sandwiches too... I will let you know how that turns out! Just another way of getting extra vitamins into your meals! And I got a book with a lot of recipes for homemade natural cleaners, and many other things for home and garden... Sweet!

In case any of you wanted to know, here is a list of Heirloom seeds that I got:

  • Kentucky Wonder- Pole Beans
  • Golden Bantam- Corn
  • Boothby's Blonde- Cucumbers
  • Australian Yellow Leaf- Lettuce
  • Giant Noble- Spinach
  • Delicata- Winter Squash
  • Vegetable Spaghetti- Winter Squash
  • Pruden's Purple- Tomatoes
  • Zucchetta Pampicante Tromboncino- Zucchini
  • Red Russian- Kale
  • Wild Lupine
  • Honey Rock- Melon (for my mom)
  • Moon & Stars- Watermelon (for my mom)
The 2 that are for my mom, I may see if I can keep a seed or two to try... ;) The Kale is mostly for our animals, but I am willing to eat it also. I have never tried any winter squash before, but an excited to try it, and see how long it actually DOES last in the winter. The Zucchini (with the really long name), well these are going to be fun. They grow about 3 feet long (sometimes longer!). And the rest, well, I can almost taste it now....

For fun, we also got these non-heirloom seeds:
  • Grey Stripe- Sunflowers
  • Bird House- Gourd
  • Luffa- Gourd
  • Strawberries!!!
Sunflowers for eating, Birdhouse gourds, well for birdhouses! And Luffa gourds, to make actual Luffa out of! You know the stuff you can use to scrub your dishes or yourself in the shower! Strawberry plant will be sent after the frost! I can't wait!

We are very excited about starting all of these new varieties!

This is our first year ORDERING seeds. Usually we will buy the standard seeds from an Amish greenhouse or last year I wasted my money on seeds from a farm store. It was horrible. I planted my green beans 3 times, and in the end, only about 3/4 of them came up. I have NEVER had that kind of trouble before. Grrr!

SO this year I ordered from Pinetree Seeds. My aunt has ordered there before and said she liked them. The prices are GREAT for heirloom seeds, and I got my order in a week from ordering them (I called in my order). The corn and cucumbers I ordered are on back order, but should be to be in 30 days, it says.

Well, off to stare at the box of seeds again and dream of Spring... Kidding. I wish I had time to stare at a box of seeds... I will keep you updated on on of my EXCITING (ha!) seed stories! :)


Genesa said...

It is EXCITING! Spring will be here before we know it!! Can't wait!

Notes to My Sister said...

Oh, I've got to get started too! I'll look forward to your story about luffa gourd. I tried it last year, but without success (not enough sun, or attention). Kale can be quite yummy - even my kids think so! But, I use it mostly in smoothies rather than for cooking...Winter squash is especially fun. It's never the same thing two years in a row. One year we had butternut squash the shape of pumpkins. The next year, something a little different still. The seeds manage to survive our compost bin and come back the following season...enjoy yours!

Bláithín said...

I always order from Pinetree! Funny, I got my sprouting lids from them several years ago...look just like yours :-)