April 29, 2010

From Scratch...

It's Thursday, and time for another addition of "From Scratch...!". Sorry. I really HAVEN'T been watching too much TV! This week I got a little lazy in the kitchen. Hubby has been working lots of overtime, and I can throw together food for the boys, and they don't much care what it is, as long as their bellies are full. Oh, and as long as they have a "treat" afterwords.

I have actually, as beautiful as the weather has been around here (sunny, and semi-warm...), I have been stuck inside putting finishing touches on my church's Pictorial Directory. This is my first time "designing" a directory, and has been work but it will turn out good! But I have to have it finished by tomorrow, and I'm still waiting for pictures from people. So I will continue to work at it until tomorrow!

This week in the kitchen, like I said, not much accomplished. Bad mother? No. All of us have off-weeks, and that's alright. We can't be Martha Stewart's cooking staff EVERY day... (Hubby says Martha doesn't do anything, it's all her staff, which I can't argue with!) So, don't feel like you have failed if you had a crazy week. Just keep pluggin away, and try harder the following week. Which I hope to do!

Here are the few things I accomplished this week:

  • Grandmother Bread! :)
  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Strawberry Shortcake (made with frozen strawberries and our homemade yellow cake mix. Thanks for the idea Megan!)
  • Tortillas (actually, this is today's project. So I can't lie and say I already did it. But today is the day!)
That's it!

So, how did YOU do this week? Please share in the comments or by linking up!


natalee said...

mmmmmmmmmm strawberry shortcake....mmmmmm

Megan said...

You're welcome for the idea!! We've been loving it about every other week!! I think we're addicted, but it's soooo easy and yummy!