April 5, 2010

What's Been Happening???

Well, we have definitely been keeping busy! There has been a bunch of really nice days, and we have been trying to take advantage of them!

So, we actually TRIED to shear one of our sheep this weekend! Oh my. It was hubby and I on Friday, and our poor male. He sat for a long time. Of course he never actually just SAT. He wiggled and struggled the whole time. You are "supposed" to be able to put a sheep on its bottom, and it's supposed to stop fighting! Well, Puck has some fight in him. He has been super ornery the last few weeks, and we had our work cut out for us!

Here is a before Pic of Puck:

Huge. Intimidating. Huge.

Then, we did a little work-over on the poor guy. Being our first time shearing a sheep, Lord please forgive us for the ridicule this sheep will now get on the playground at school...

You have to know we struggled with him about an hour or more, letting him take a break 2xs while hubby and I would squabble about what to do next. It was a day I am glad I wasn't getting a video of! Well, I guess you have to learn some how, right?! :S

Then before we shaved our next sheep, Myst, we wanted to have 'professional' help. SO we called over our friend Terry, who was raised shearing sheep. He came over a tried to help, but of course being newbies, we didn't have sharp shears after the last sheep... And we only had one set of blades... But he did what he could with the poor equipment that we gave him! While we only got her neck shaved, we were glad to have him there to show us how to do things! Oh, and his son, our pastor, was there also. Next time, I want to see our Pastor sheer a sheep! THAT would be a picture! :P

Here is Terry starting out with Myst:

That is our pastor's hand with the "weapon". Myst sat real good! And Terry even thought she may be pregnant! He checked Lindsay too, and said she would definitely being having babies soon, she was even starting to bag up (aka- utter is starting to look like a bag. This is a good thing!)!

And the day ended on Saturday with one of these beauties, from the Big Guy himself:

God is awesome, isn't He?

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