May 17, 2010

Garden Update

Now that it is mid-May, we are supposedly past our last freeze date here in Indiana. I hope so! On the last day of April, I planted 2 rows of corn, and pole beans. Before that we had planted 2 kinds of potatoes and our strawberry plants.

Now a little over 2 weeks later, we have our little plants coming up, and I decided to get some more corn in and some more beans. I don't want all of my veggies coming at once, and we DO want to enjoy fresh veggies as long as we can this summer!

I also got my sad little tomato plants, that I started from seed, and I put them in yesterday. I had also found that at Menard's in their gardening center, they had Organic Plants. I got a bigger organic tomato plant. So we can start having some tomatoes earlier than my little tomato plants... Note to self: plant EARLIER next year! I also bought one Moon & Stars Heirloom Organic Watermelon plant. We LOVE watermelon! Hopefully one plant is enough. I didn't see any more, or I would have gotten more.

My leaf lettuce is coming along nicely! I cannot wait to enjoy it. I just hope I planted enough. I will definitely be ordering more seeds and planting more.

To save on organic mulch or straw, we are using lawn clippings around our strawberry plants and lettuce. I also started putting some around the tomato plants, just to keep the weeding down to a minimum. We don't spray anything on our lawn, and it's a great way to get rid of all of that grass!

Here is my garden so far:

There is no good way of getting all of my garden into one picture...

I have more planting to go. I still want to get cucumbers in. But I am going to wait until I am SURE it is done frosting....

Here is my Mother's Day presents, 2 apple trees and 3 blueberry bushes. You can see one tall stick, that is one of the apple trees and where you can see three orange flags is where the blueberry bushes are. Hubby already had a "mishap" with one of the bushes while he was mowing, so he decided the flags would be a good idea! :)

Bee Update:

I will get some pictures soon, but the bees have now filled one hive and hubby and Deklyn had to add to it, so they would have a place for their honey!

Looks like everything is going good in both of our hives, which is a blessing. We look forward to at least SOME honey this year.... In your first year, "they" say not to expect a lot of honey. In the bee/ honey world, you have to learn there are a lot of people saying a LOT of things. It seems that everyone has a different experience. Bees are one thing you can't wrangle and make them do what you want, like a cow or chicken. They are TRULY wild, and so you just have to trust God and wait... I am sure we will find out that every year is different, every hive is different... It is really unpredictable.

But the reward for being patient is worth it!

How are YOUR gardens doing??? Anything exciting going on? I know some of our "southern" friends probably have a lot more going on... Any harvest yet?


Megan said...

It's looking GREAT!! I might get an update done this week on mine!!

Midnite Skys said...

I saw on TV forget what show that you could grow a salad mix in a box container so last night I got seeds for salad mix organic I figured the 50 cents extra was worth it. But I hope it will grow nicely in my dinning room window, for I have a small yard and a dog that just might tear it up after planting it...... Oh My tomatoes are popping up too... My green peppers are not :(

GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

what I wouldn't do to have all that GREENN!! I am so jealous it is looking FAB!!

Alicia said...

Ya, all that green is gorgeous! Our green is already starting to fade to brown and little sticker bushes in parts. But perhaps it WILL rain today....
Garden wise, I'm doing ok. I've learned from years past to wait. And wait some more. Ya just never know around here! So the nook behind my kitchen sink is plum full of seedlings. 5 kinds of tomatoes, red bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, cucumber, cantalope, hopefully more of the bell peppers come up. I'd love some purple ones, but nothing yet.
In the garden, the items that winter over (under straw or hay) are doing great. Onion Chives are my first to come up, my first hint of spring. My strawberries are getting flowers already, lots of parsley and cilantro coming up. Beware if you let those two things go to seed, you'll have a ton of em come back!
Oh, and asparagus and rhubarb are planted, some lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and radish.
Whew! And my garden looks like yours, with lots of space left to fill up.

Anonymous said...

If you find netting on sale I'd pick some up. The birds robbed me blind of all my blueberries last year. I'm ready for them this year.