June 9, 2010

Humans and Animals

It's amazing to me that the more I look at how our food is grow, processed, made... the more you DON'T want to eat what "they" are making. We have started down a road of growing these things for ourselves.

And it's also amazing to me that the more I spend time with these animals, whether for meat or what they produce for us, we KNOW them, we care for them. We have a name for most everyone (except for the 60 different chickens we have: some do, some don't).

It's hard to fathom that people, no matter how large of a farm they work on, don't look at those animals and appreciate each one of them. These animals are their lively hood. The care of these animals gives them income for their families. You don't abuse the sick and lame.

I look at ours and YES, it is hard to think that some of them are going to be food for us, but I know and appreciate the fact that God gave us these animals for food. But not to abuse, but to appreciate and care for. Yes, if an animal dies, there are thousands and thousands more to choose from. But are we OK to treat them like a paper plate?

My oldest son and I were talking and he asked me if an animal isn't happy, will it die? I told him that I thought that if they weren't happy and they weren't being treated good, they would get very sad, they would get sick, they would loose hope and yes, maybe eventually die.

What is so tough about this? Talk to your animals. Pet them. FEED them. Give them treats. Give them SPACE to roam.

Animals are not humans, but we do owe them a lot. They feed us they clothe us. And many times they are companions.

Take time to care for the things that provide for you and your family. Animals are not just another thing in our spoiled society to be abused and then thrown away. Be mindful of these things that God has entrusted us with.

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