July 28, 2010

Day of Pictures from the Homestead

So much can happen in a day, especially when temperatures and weather finally allow it! Temps in the last few weeks have swung from the 70's to the mid 90's during the day! And there have been thunderstorms and sunny days, humid and very pleasant...

So when I know we aren't going to get overheated from being out, we do as much as we can on our little farm.

Today I don't have pics of our farm animals but of garden and home. If I did farm too, we would have to make it into a book...

So here is a day in pictures:

Here are the boys in front of the tomato plants that I planted inside in March! 'I've know these plants since they were just a seed!' :) Now they are taller than my boys!

Here is some of what they are producing. Not the bad leaves but after I took this picture, I counted that I could see 9 large tomatoes from the angle that I took this pic... of course they are harder to see in the picture. But we are going to be FLOODED with tomatoes very soon! Of course these are called "Pruden's Purple". So they have to turn purple yet!

I love flower beds, and I especially love maintenance free flower beds (or nearly anyways). Some flowers that can be beautiful and maintenance free are Black-eyed Susans. These were one of the few things that we kept that was in the landscaping when we bought and re-did our house.

Look closely and you can see who loves to hang out on these flowers:

Speaking of flowers, here is a little honeybee hard at work. I'm not sure we are going to have any honey this year. Hubby seems to think we won't. He said the hive 'swarmed' and now they are hardly doing any work in the 2 hives. That is a HUGE bummer. But we will try again, and not give up! I want honey!!! :)

Here is an ornery fella.... He likes to strip down to his diaper now. NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE. We have been trying to work on potty training, but this is the first child (for me) that is so STUBBORN, that he knows EXACTLY what he is supposed to do, and REFUSES to do it. Pray for me!

Here is a small amount of a MUCH LARGER amount of cucumbers that we have got from our garden. We love cucumbers but there is always a surplus. We will have to can them! Looking forward to that! Mmmm!

We love homemade bread! And I try to avoid store bought bread, just because of the 20+ ingredients that are in them, when you can have a bread with 6 ingredients and you know what each of those ingredients are! Plus it is SO GOOD! Especially with homemade strawberry jam!

Another thing I like to keep around is brownie mixes. These can be made with in minutes and thrown in the oven. It is great when you are hungry for chocolate or when someone drops by! Hubby likes them because there is minimal work. With making more from scratch these day, there aren't as many "boxed meals" to choose from in the cupboard, and hubby has a hard time making things if I am not around. These are one of the things that is SO NICE to have around!

Well, that's it for one day! Today will be picking more green beans and doing some canning. Maybe we can go swimming somewhere, it going to be another hot one!

Have a blessed day!!!


andrewodom said...

***MUST share brownie recipe. MUST share brownie recipe. Yummmmmm. MUST share brownie recipe.***

Sarah said...

Click on the words "brownie mixes", and it will take you to the easy recipe!!! :) Or I can also send it to you!

rachel whetzel said...

I was just going to say the same thing to you that Andrew did... (I found you through him, BTW) Wonder why my feed reader didn't show the link up? hmmmm
At any rate. GREAT idea!!