July 21, 2010

Our First Year In 4H

We just finished up our first year in 4H on Saturday. It was a HOT week here in Indiana, and we couldn't wait to get home each night, to showers and a cooler house.

Deklyn is in his first year of 4H, and this was a learning experience for all of us! 4H isn't just a "kid" thing, it's really a FAMILY thing. I have made Deklyn do most of the work on feeding and caring for his animals, but he IS 9 and does need almost constant supervision. Boys like to hurry and get things done, and then things aren't always done!

But we took 2 meat chickens and a pair of fancy birds (Mille Fleur). We also took a goat wether (meaning he is castrated). We were a little worried that we would be so clueless when we went, and our animals wouldn't be comparable to everyone else's.

But, our meat birds did OK, they actually looked very good compared with many that were there. Probably thanks to being a "free-ranged" animal. Deklyn actually got a "Reserve Champion" (2nd place) in the Fancy Chicken Pairs. And with his little goat Max, he got 3rd out of 8 in his weight class. We were very happy!

Even in the Auction he did well. And now has money to invest in his next year's animals.

Here are some pics from the Fair:

Another thing I was very proud of Deklyn for, was when he and my hubby ran Deklyn's first 5K race, well his first REAL race. For those of you who were clueless (like me) what a 5K is, it is a little over 3 miles (I think 3.1?). And after the race there were MANY people who ran the race that came up and told us how great Deklyn did, or how they tried to keep up with him and his pace, or just totally impressed with a 9 year old running a 5K in such a great time!

He ran his first 5K in 25:55! He won first in his age group and was 23rd place out of 40!

Here are some pics from that also:

Can't tell I'm proud, can you? :) Don't even tell me I don't have a handsome boy!

At least that is finished, and we can start with all of the harvest from our garden! We have lots coming up, and we also need to butcher some chickens (we, as in my husband!). We are still keeping busy around here! How has YOUR summer been so far? Have you had 4H yet?

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Megan said...

Great Job, Deklyn!!! Awesome pictures!

Maybe next year you'll have some cousins joining you... in the fair not the race! ha Halee can't run 20 feet without complaining that her side hurts!!

Keep up the great work!