September 1, 2010

Rain, Rain! Where are You?

Man, we here in Northern Indiana, are in BAD need of some rain. OH, it has rained in the last month, a few times.... For a short while.... Just enough to get the surface wet, and then evaporate back into the air... Bummer.

So things are suffering. My strawberry plants were starting to curl, and the dirt in my usually VERY NICE garden, is as hard as a rock. So we have been using the garden sprinkler to try too help. Nothing is like the rain though.

The grasses which feed our GRASS FED ANIMALS is starting to dry, and the only grasses left are the tall grasses. Usually around the pond there is some lush green grass, even when it starts to get a little dry. In our 4 years of living on this farm, I have NEVER seen the pond THIS LOW.

Where is the rain?

Hubby came home yesterday and said he saw a local farmer had completely picked one of his fields of corn, because it was all dried and ready... Usually, they don't pick until October... Last year there were still fields standing at Thanksgiving, and even Christmas because the fields had been too damp! Amazing how different 2 years can be!

So, in looking at the forecast in our area, I see a chance of rain today and tomorrow. I am praying that we get rain!

How about you? What is it like in YOUR area? Have you been super dry or are you getting enough rain? Hubby is praying that the hurricane is going to get us some of that much needed rain... How about YOU???


Sara said...

We are the same way in South East Tennessee. Everything has been weird in my garden this year. We started out getting lots of rain so the plants got a good start and then bam.... No rain forever. We have had a few showers here and there but nothing consistent and that, I think, is why the garden is a bust. My corn was terrible, my pumpkins didn't set and the list goes on and on. I just put out my fall seed yesterday. Luckily it is in a real dry garden so it can sit for a while until we get some rain. They are calling for rain this friday so I will be doing my rain dance and sending up prayers!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Same here...I have been commenting on the corn as well! It is ready to come out and some farmers are doing just that.

I saw a few harvesting last years into THIS spring so they could replant even! Crazy how it can be from one year to the next.

Lindsay Burden said...

Yup. We're dry. But it's Las Vegas, after all, that's what we get for trying to grow food in the desert! But seriously, it's even drier than usual. We've had less than 1/4" of rain all year. My garden is still thriving thanks to our nifty drip irrigation. I'm hoping for rain too. This has been the most pitiful "monsoon" season I can remember. Hope the heavens open up for you guys too!