October 15, 2010

Check Out Our New Web Site!

We have a new web site for our farm!  And It is still in the "set-up" stages, but it's getting done!  This site is for our Jacob sheep, our goats, and for any eggs, meat animals or produce that our farm may have for sale.  Hopefully in the future, we will be able to tell about events that we will hold on our little farm, such as Visitor's Days or seasonal events (these of course, are looking into the future!). 

Please visit the site, and let me know what you think about the information, the user friendly-ness, etc... This is a free site I am using (for now) so I can't change much of the form or set-up, but the details are all ours!  Be gentle!  :)

I appreciate you taking a look!  CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO VISIT!


rachel whetzel said...

It looks GREAT! I thought all the links made sense, and were easy to follow. A few things that I look for on sites, that you might find helpful:
LOCATION!! You would be surprised how many farms don't CLEARLY state where they ARE!! This is the World Wide Web people!! lol I need to KNOW if you are clear across the country from me if I'm gonna read more about buying from your farm. lol
INTRODUCTIONS!! I like reading about how people started their farm, and seeing photos of how things look there. I think it's more personal, and I like feeling connected.
Your site is looking VERY good! Not like it's in the middle of getting on it's feet at all.

rachel whetzel said...

Oh! Forgot to ask. Can you email me with info about the kind of broilers you bought? It sounded like they weren't cornish crosses? I'd love to know what you bought.

Sarah said...

Thanks Rachel! It always helps to have more than one set of eyes looking and critiquing things! I will put more info on location. I had briefly thought about that... I do need to get more pics of the farm itself too... Thank for your help!

And the chickens ARE cornish crosses. I have tried black broilers, and they were horrible. I have been wanting the one kind of heritage breed broilers, the name escapes me at the moment... but I have NO idea where to purchase them! I'm not giving up on that though, because if I am raising them one day to sell, I want the best! I will keep you all updated when I find them!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

It looks like you are off to a really great start!

I thought the picture of your son and the little goat was perfect emphasis for your farm being 'family'. I think other people will really feel connected with that! Best of luck!

Alla said...

Absolutely wonderful! It was very easy to go from one to another. More pics of the farm would be good but then I love looking at pictures. I think it's going to be great.