October 14, 2010

From Scratch...

OK, kids.... (hehehe!) Sorry I am posting this a little late!  I was expecting the baby broiler chicks YESTERDAY.  But it took them 2 days to come 3 hours, I guess...  So, now that I am done getting them all snuggled in and all of my barn chores are done, I am excited to see what you all made from scratch this week!!!

This for me was crazy!  Last weekend we went to Michigan and the Upper Peninsula...  We got back and Monday was my catch-up day, for laundry, cleaning, etc...  I had a few other things on my schedule (I use the word FEW very loosely...) and here I am today!  I think I made 3 things from scratch this week... Failure? No.  We all have weeks that are busy, and as long as we STRIVE to bring healthy foods to our tables, no one can ask any more.

Here are the 3 things I made:
  • Pizza Crust.  We just absolutely LOVE pizza!  Especially since I make the crust, I make the sauce, we brown some turkey burger, add organic mushrooms, and olives, then some cheese and I have some VERY happy boys in my house!  I have made this pizza crust recipe over the camp fire!  I usually bake the crust FIRST.  Then come back and put all of the toppings on, and then heat all of it up!  YUM!
  • Granola Bars for our trip.  Of course, I had none of the usual ingredients!  NO walnuts (I just need to pick them up out of my yard now!), no chocolate chips OR dried fruit...  So I added about a cup or a little less of peanut butter.  I thought it was SO GOOD!  My boys, well, they weren't as excited about them.  SO I may just wait until I have all of the ingredients next time!
  • Power Muffins.  OK, funny name, but a great and SUPER healthy muffin!  I got this recipe from my sister, and if I can get her permission, I will share it with you soon!  ;)
So, now it's YOUR turn!  What did you make this week from scratch?  PLEASE SHARE!  You can share by linking up OR by adding it in the comments below!  Either way, we would LOVE to hear from you!  I also love visiting your blogs!  Thanks for linking up!!!!


Alla said...

This week I made spaghetti sauce from the rest of my garden tomatoes, baked oatmeal, whole wheat cookies which my grand kids have devoured, and of course my weekly supply of whole wheat bread. Also all the meals are from scratch.

Sarah said...

Alla- I BET your grandkids devoured those cookies! You need to share that recipe! Is that on your blog? Thanks for sharing!

Alla said...

No Sarah it isn't on there yet but will be soon. I've been homeschooling my grandkids this week and next so I'm a little slow with added responsibilites.

jrmom said...

I really enjoy your blog. Tuesday I made cream chicken and biscuits. Poaches the chicken, cooked fresh peas from the garden and pulled out frozen homegrown corn. Combined with cheddar cheese soup and served along side handmade biscuits. Yum!

My son loves granola bars...I am planning on using your recipe..thank you for sharing.