October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Collecting... And Other Fall Goodies

I don't know about you, but right now in Northeastern Indiana, IT IS NICE!  Not that the temps are my FAVORITE, but they  are definitely pleasant.  Today was showing sign of rain, but my youngest son and I went and did barn chores, rode on a combine of a nice neighbor who farms the field behind our property, and I gathered the last of the pie pumpkins from the garden.  All in cooler, but very nice weather.

Speaking of pie pumpkins, Mmmmmm!  I can't wait to start cooking up these babies!  Those are just a few of them, the rest are providing nice decoration in my house!  :)  There are a few favorite pumpkin recipes that I want to bring out, and a new recipe from my sister, that I want to try.  My sister started blogging, after I told her that she HAS to start blogging, because she has so many great, healthy recipes, that I can't be posting all of HER recipes.  Go HERE and you can find where she has posted some great information on the health benefits of pumpkin.  If you browse her site, she has a pumpkin muffin recipe that I am going to be trying today...  Can't wait!

Over the weekend, we collected more walnuts from our tree, and I have honestly never kept the walnuts for our family.  SO I don't know how much I will get yet, I'm not looking forward to cracking through that STAINING outer layer of the walnut.  But I am looking forward to saving some major cash on not having to buy organic walnuts!  :)  I will post when I do those!

I also am about ready to harvest some lettuce that grew on it's own in my garden, from the lettuce I planted this summer.  I am going to start a long pot so I can bring it in the house, and have lettuce during the winter!  Projects, projects!

So, what are you all doing right now?  Still pulling things from a fall garden?

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Our gardens are all put to bed but there is butternut and buttercup squashes to last for a couple of months- planning to plant lots more next year.
So wonderful to be collecting your own walnuts - they are so good for you.
Warm wishes, Tonya