November 8, 2010

Daylight SAVINGS? And My Barn Helper!!!

Alright, so our clocks SAY that we got an extra hour in, but I don't feel it!  My kids get all messed up which makes for a tired mom and dad.  And when there is a tired mamma, time seems to go by much faster than it should!

It really seems as though I have LOST an hour! 

SO it is WONDERFUL when I get help around the barn with my chores!  Lately, here has been my helper:

 Wait, here she comes...

She heard the door shut from the house...

She's been doing this for a little over a week now.  She LITERALLY follows me everywhere!  I thought at first, it was because she wanted food, but I fed her several times in several different places, and all she did was follow me!

Her name is Peppercorn.  Her friend is a little more timid, and her name is Salty. They are both "Silkies".

I DO enjoy their little fluff faces in the morning!

Do YOU have a little barn helper?


Elizabeth said...

Can I have your sweet little chicken!? He is so cute!

Bláithín said...

SO CUTE!!!! My helper is Squeak, an Ameraucana / Welsummer cross rooster. He follows me everywhere, muttering and chattering the entire time. He's adorable :-) He even sits on my lap while I'm on the porch swing!