November 4, 2010

From Scratch...

It's Thursday!  These week has gone so quickly, that I almost forgot it was almost the weekend!  When my hubby works a lot, and I have to kick it in and take on all of the chores, it makes a hectic week, but I guess it goes faster though!

But today, we are going to be sharing what we have made from scratch this week!  I would love for you to join in!

Alright!  Well, for MY family, like I have mentioned before, we don't do much from a box.  We may do Cheerios, or boxed wholesome pasta (just pasta, not a meal) but we don't do pre-made, store-bought, box mixes.  I MAY have some in my cupboard that we have got free or really cheap with coupons, but they are rapidly expiring, and I need to donate them!

On to what we did this week!  We haven't done a lot of our "normal" because we have actually got together with family once this last weekend and went to a Harvest Party.  But here is what we have done (if I can remember everything!):

  • Deer Roast and Veggies.  (From a Deer my hubby got last year, just a few things left from it)
  • Scalloped potatoes and ham (YUM!)
  • Power Muffins
  • homemade Brownies (from Homemade Brownie Mix)
  • Cookies
  • Homemade Play-dough
Leftovers and Pasta & Salads worked good this week, with hubby working and only kids to feed.  I love to make sure my kids have healthy food, but I tend to only work hard on food that my hubby will enjoy... :)

SO, what have YOU been making this week???  Please share by linking up OR by adding to the comments!


carrie said...

not quite sure how all this linking up stuff works (seriously girls i need some help) but i made corn/ham potato chowder for supper last night along with a homemade peach cobbler for dessert!!! both recipes are super simple and i will pass them along to anyone who would like them!!! as long as sarah tells me how to link up!!!!!! lol

carrie said...

so i think i figured it out!! enjoy the recipes!!!!!!!

Naturally Carol said...

this is for a delicious, simple,from scratch carrot cake that i made last tuesday. i left the link by mistake on last weeks, it jumped while i was doing it,so didn't realise my mistake til too late...sorry!