November 1, 2010

Frosty, Cold Morning on the Farm...

Cold morning

Well, now that it's November, I guess I need to get a new mindset.  It WILL be cold when I do chores in the morning, afternoon and evening.  I WILL need to wear gloves so my fingers don't freeze off, and a winter coat is a must!  I cannot be late anymore to the barn, because this time of year, our grass fed animals need to have some hay too....   And if they don't get their adequate amount of hay, they MAY just escape on you.  I found THAT out on Thursday morning with our cows! 

Frost on the Grass

But there is still so much going on, on our farm right now! 

First, you may remember I told you last Thursday I went about 2 1/2 hours away and got a new ram Jacob!  Well, here he is!  Calvin!


He is a very pretty boy, he is still very scared.  But I think he is getting more used to me and my incessant talking and hanging over his gate, trying to be friends!  :)  Yesterday, we moved our little female, Myst, in with him.  It was love at first site for him, but for her, I still think she needs to get to know him more... maybe a ring on her finger  hoof.

Speaking of which, we also moved the other 2 female Jacobs in with our other ram.  It is that time of year!  And this is our FIRST time of putting together pairs to breed.  So we are totally hoping nature takes it's course.  Because we would LOVE to have some pretty little Jacob babies in March/ April! 

Our 2 females moved in with our male Jacob

We also moved out little broiler chicks outside again, just in time for the frost!  We moved them into a little hut that we had out for the animals in one pasture that never got used.  We lined it with straw and some pine shavings, and got a heat lamp.  They are getting so large, so fast that they needed more room than I could give them in our basement!  They seemed to be pretty warm when I went down at 8 am this morning, and there was one under the lamp but the rest were away from it a bit, and they seemed pretty warm in there.  I am going to keep sprinkling it with the pine shavings so they keep nice and toasty.

Our baby broilers in their new outside home.

Cows peeking into the broiler chicks home, trying to figure out how they can get that grain!

This week (or maybe the coming weekend) we are going to be getting our 3 female goats back.  SO we should be expecting babies from them in February or March!  We will also be getting more additions to our farm this week!  I will tell you all about that tomorrow!  Until then, have a beautiful day, and stay warm!

Sunrise this morning


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Makes me want to put a coat on just looking at the photos. Beautiful sunrise!

Sonja said...

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it's time for cold weather, looking forward to it at the same time. Your new Jacob is beautiful! Can't wait for all those babies and oogling over their pics. You are blessed. :)

Kim said...

Beautiful ram with long horns! We are thinking of adding a small flock of Jacobs but may wait until spring.

Sarah said...

Thank you ladies! YES COLD! Brrr!

Kim- waiting until Spring is probably a good idea, actually you MAY want to wait until late summer, that is when it is easier to see if the Jacobs have good horns and ideal "qualities". They are registerable when they are 6 months old , and if they are born in March or April it will be around September or October when they can be registered because they want to see that they have those desirable qualities, and will have them by that time. Many people won't start selling their NEW Jacobs until late summer anyways, because of this. A great place to look for people who have some nice stock is on the JSBA (Jacob Sheep Breeders Assoc) web site. You can see a link to it on the left side of my screen, where it says MEMBER OF: then click on JSBA. It is also wonderful if you find a breeder who is more "hands on" with their sheep. If they are, the sheep will be super friendly and loving animals. If you have any questions in the future, let me know!!! :)

Sara A Broers said...

Calvin looks like a wonderful addition!