December 15, 2010

Family Vacation: Disney Vacation

 Yep.  We are making the BIG trip.   We are going to go to Florida.  Our family has been planning for this for about 4 years now.  And now we have the pleasure of being able to go with our EXTENDED family.  Yes!  We get to go with my in-laws!  In all, there are 4 families (adults and kids!).  And we are going to venture to Florida at the end of January 2011!

Caden and I in July 2009, Fort Meyers Beach

 So, how can a "frugal" family make a trip like this?  Well, like I said we have been planning for this for about 4 years.  When we were buying and remodeling our house, we ran everything through a Disney Chase Credit Card, then right away were able to pay it off with our loan. Doing this, we were able to earn 1% back.  Doesn't sound like much, UNLESS you are running money through for remodeling a house!  We were able to save so much that we got 1- 4 day adult ticket and 2 - 4 day children's tickets to Disney PAID FOR!  And right now, we have another $80-90 waiting on a card to be redeemed at the parks, for parking, meals, snacks, etc...  Our card (and planning!) really helped us pay for this trip!  I don't always SUGGEST a credit card, but when we were paying it right away, it was great to be able to earn the 1% while not racking up bills.

So, what else?

Don't forget the OJ! My niece Aiva and Caden

Well, there are SEVERAL sources to watch for deals on.  You can also get coupons, etc from these sites.  But check often on them, and read through thoroughly, so you can soak in all of the info that will pertain to your family!

Check out these sites:

On those 2 sites is a WEALTH of information!  They really keep you up to date on all things Disney AND MORE!

1997 Christmas with my sisters!  Ah, the memories of Disney!

We won't be staying in a hotel this year, but we are going to be getting a house.  We went with  This will actually be the second year we have used this company, and have been EXTREMELY happy with them.  With several families, you can pay LESS than you would be able to pay in a hotel, PLUS you have your own private pool and hot tub, even game room in most instances. 

As time gets closer, you will hear more from me on how we are preparing our 4 boys for an 18 hour drive!  Believe me it CAN be done, and it doesn't have to be stressful!  Also, other money saving tips coming in the next few weeks!

So, if you love the warm weather, but didn't know how to get started, hopefully this helps!  Like I said, more info is coming in the next few weeks!  If you have an questions until then, feel free to ask!


Alla said...

Wow! I'm excited for you! That will be such a wonderful vacation for all of you. And all the savings you're doing! Have an awesome time.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like so much fun. This is something I really want to do with the kids before they are too old to enjoy it.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

You guys will have a BLAST!

Anonymous said...

you are kidding about the picture of me right?! sigh :D