February 23, 2011

School All Summer!?

Ice and Snow!

Oi!  The weather...  I'm not really sure what I can say about it, that hasn't already been said over the last few months.  This Winter has "seemed" to last so long! 

We had the temporary thaw which was pleasant, while it lasted, but now the snow and ice is back with a vengeance! 

My boys have now missed so many days of school that we are about 2 weeks further into the summer!  Our date was already pretty late (June7th), but now I think we've missed so much that we are going to be there until the 16 or 17th!  If we miss another day or two, we could be jumping into that next week! 

My son Austin is already afraid that we are going to be having school over his birthday (June 23rd!).  And we might not be too far off that!

Weather for the next 2 days show that we could have some more potentially bad weather on the way!  Snow and ice mix for Thursday and Friday.... 

I wonder if the school would just let us homeschool our kids so we don't have to miss half of the summer... 

Anyone else missing a lot of school this year??? 


Kim said...

We do homeschool and there are no such things as "snow days" in or house. My boys think it's a terrible injustice to have to do schoolwork before going out to play in the snow. It's amazing how fast they get that work done though. And when May 1st comes 'round they are all to happy to be on summer break!

Come on over and read about "how and why we homeschool".


jrmom said...

I love the changing seasons. Everything reawakening in Spring, the glorious sun in summer and backyard BBQs, the crisp evening and beautiful colors of Fall, and the rosy cheeks and hot cocoa of winter...but I agree with you...enough is enough. So far my son will have to make up 3 days, which will put him into the second week of June. Stay warm!

Alyssa said...

We live on the west coast and we rarely see snow. Just a lot of rain. I find it funny how we kinda dream of what others have, although I wouldn't want to make up school into mid June either. We have dreamed of moving to Alaska because we love snow and they still go to school in it. Any rate, enjoy the beautiful white for us. :)

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