March 28, 2011

MO Milk!

Well, it's milk time again!  We have been collecting milk for our little guy, Charlie, that we had in the house.  But a little over a week after they were born, we had more milk than Charlie needed to drink.  So now we have milk for US!   

There hasn't been a LOT of milk, but it is starting to increase now.  I think it is because right now we are just milking Iris (black) and her little baby is eating more hay and grain.  OR it could be the herbs that I am giving her that I got from Molly's Herbals, one for general health and one to help produce more milk!

We will soon be separating the babies out at night and milking BOTH females in the morning, then rejoining their babies with them during the day.  Hopefully at that point, we will be getting even MORE milk!

Soon (I hope) we will get to the point of NOT having to buy milk from the store.  We currently spend about $24 in milk a week!  And that is with buying Almond Milk (for us lactose intolerant people!) and also regular milk.  When we have lots of goat milk, we will no longer need to spend that on  milk!  :)  I look forward to that! 

Goat's milk is illegal to sell it here in Indiana, BUT we DO drink our own...  We trust our own cleanliness and procedures!  So we drink it raw, only filtering it first. 

Do any of YOU drink goat's milk?  Do you produce your own milk on your farm? 


Anonymous said...

My family is now in the process of planning to buy goats for milk. We are in the "research fencing stage", and we're trying to figure out where exactly we want the fence. That's a tricky process on our farm because the goats can be in one of two places. Our farm is new, so we are literally starting from scratch. Thank you for the update because you're helping me learning some things before the goats get here. :-) Milking is new to me, so we'll be learn this new skill first hand soon.

Melissa, TN

Anonymous said...

We drink raw goats' milk and love it! We get about 3 quarts a day. We are in the processing of learning to make cheese!

Laura-Lisa said...

We drink our goats milk raw and make cheese...It is illegal in KY for us to sell it as well but there is a loophole that says we can sell it for "animal consumption" we have our buyers sign a little slip of paper and what they do with it is up to them...LOL We use most of it though...and freeze some for the months our girls are dry that way we don't have to buy milk then...

Kim said...

We can sell it here in Oklahoma but there is a limit to the gallons sold and customers have to pick it up at the farm.

We are planning on keeping ours and drinking it filtered and raw like you. Can't wait for this to come about. So glad that our Nigerian Dwarf can breed year round so we won't have to wait til next spring.

Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

Yay for goat's milk!
We have goats and they just freshened, so we are starting our milking routine once again. I love it. We also just purchased a milk cow, so that's a whole new adventure! Thanks for sharing this post with the Homestead Barn Hop!

Sarah said...

Melisa- Good luck in your goat process! I LOVE ours, and I will always, as long as I can, own goats.

Glad to meet all of you who are also enjoying having goat's milk!!! :)