May 2, 2011

Computer Fixed!

I JUST got my computer back last night!  And it seems as though it is all fixed!  When I type, the letters come up right away (as opposed to several MINUTES later!).  And the pages come up faster, even bringing on pictures is faster!.  So it shouldn't be such a chunk out of my day to do a post any more!  :)  YAY!

I have a few things coming up that hopefully will work out.  I am hoping to post soon about my "Clothesline Challenge".  And I am hoping to do a "30 Days on Muddy Boots Farm", which you can follow me each day in what I do on our farm, and more importantly, see what the animals are doing and how my garden is growing!  :)

I hope I haven't lost all of you...  Now I am so excited to type on my computer!  :D

I will post again VERY soon!  See you then!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

So you got your garden all planted? Just wondering!!!