November 29, 2012

New Heat!

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so DELIGHTFUL!!

Sorry. Just couldn't help myself!! We finally got our wood burning stove in! There was a fireplace in our new place when we moved here, but it wasn't efficient AND (my biggest worry was) it had a blower that had to have electricity to run.

Now, in the winter at our old place, we probably went without electric 1-2 times in the winter. I remember last year that 2 hours felt like forever just because it was SO. COLD.

But not this year!

I will continue on our new homestead story soon but just HAD to share with you this most exciting progress... Talk to you soon...


MikyleeB said...

I have been looking for 2years for a woodburning white stove.I have only found white gas log ones.Please tell me where u found yours.Sincerely,Susan Nickel.My e-mail is u soooo much

Sarah said...

@MikyleeB, I will also try to shoot you an email, but will also post on here. :) It's a Vermont Castings stove. It's cream colored. We actually got it used from a friend. But I know my husband looked them up on the Vermont Castings site. And they still sell them. It's VERY efficient, and the guy who came and installed the last few fittings (for insurance purposes), was very positive about its performance.

So far, I absolutely love it... :)

MikyleeB said...

Ok thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)

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