December 13, 2012

Garden- Are You Thinking About it Yet?

Ok. This will have to be my only post for this week. My wonderful aunt (and really, mentor in homesteading) Debbie has past away from cancer. I am extremely sad, but in the sadness have to remember who she was and what she loved! And one high on her list was gardening!

As I am preparing to order my heirloom seeds (from a place suggested to me by my aunt!), I just want to see where you all get YOUR seeds? Have you saved them from years past? Are you purchasing them, and where from? Do you just buy the plants and bypass the seed rearing? Or do you just desire to have a garden but buy the finished products?

Please share! I always love to hear people share what they are doing!! I will share with you soon!


Gelfling said...

I've been contemplating what to post on my blog since Deb's passing as well... she taught me so much in the few years that I had the pleasure of knowing her. I'm looking forward to nurturing a cutting from her grandmother's rose bush as I work on building my rose garden this year.

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