March 13, 2014

New Beginnings, New Blog!

For years, I have posted on this blog, chronicaling our life on our 10 acre hobby farm.  Well a little over a year ago, our lives changed!  In a good way, don't worry.  But it DID intale a move!  We moved from our 10 acres and home that we loved, sold all of our animals (sad, SAD day), and moved to a new home.

Recently, I have been missing the blogging I used to do (yes, it has been a while!).  So, I decided to start a NEW blog, to go along with a new beginning.  Our new home is on ONE acre, and we have access to a lake.  Life has changed a bit, but it's all good! 

We will be getting a few animals, and gardening.  I will still be sharing recipes, and life.  And we will still definitely be having adventures.

Please go to my new blog A Simply Wonderful Life, and follow!  I've missed all of the friends I made here and I hope to reconnect!  If there are any rough spots on my new site, I appologize!  It's a new work in progress.  Also, don't be afraid to let me know if there's an issue that may need my attension! 

Thank you friends, hope to see you soon!

My 4 boys, in the backyard of our new home


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