August 26, 2008

Boys 2 Men

No, not the 90's R&B group. My boys, specifically Delkyn & Austin.

Yes, they are now men... well, little men, kinda'.

I gave them their first deodorant the other day. Being 15 months apart in age, you cannot let one do something and not the other! So both got their first stick of deodorant, of their very own. Do they NEED deodorant, you may be asking yourself, seein' that they're only 6 & 7 years old? Well, need is a very strong word. I wouldn't so much say need. But when you have 2 very sweaty little men, who love to be outside, running, playing (in and out of the barn)...well, I would just say it is my pleasure to let them experience the world of deodorant at an early age! Any little bit helps... you know what I'm sayin'? And since we have like 6 extras in our cupboards (that's after giving about 6 or more away), they boys are the next likely person to get them!

Well, I e-mailed Megan (my sis-in-law) and asked her when she started giving her son deodorant. He was about 8, almost 9. So I thought, 'well, this is not too much earlier than that'. So I let Austin pick out his deodorant first. He picked out his kind then, I proceeded to tell him how to use it. Just for demonstration purposes, I told him to take off his shirt. Then, I showed him exactly where to rub the stick (IN the pit), how many times (3 swipes), and then I told him to smell his pit (on his behalf, they now smelled very nice). He got the biggest grin on his little face. He put his shirt back on the ran and got Deklyn. Then Deklyn got to pick out his deodorant. I repeated the steps above (shirt off, in the pit, 3 x's, sniff). He also got a huge grin afterwards. Of course Caden had to get in on the action. BUT, he doesn't get deodorant yet (he's only 3, for goodness sakes!). For the next hour, the boys kept going to the bathroom , and reapplying. That's right, shirt off, pit, 3 x's, sniff...

Austin was that evening going to go and stay the night with my parents. He, of course, took his deodorant along. That night, my mother said she wasn't sure why she saw Austin make so many trips to the bathroom, but he kept going in there. Upon her investigation, she saw that he was applying and reapplying and reapplying AND reapplying his deodorant! She didn't stop him, she's a grandma after all!

Now if they will only be that excited about wearing deodorant through their teen years....

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nanaof11 said...

How cute is this.......Well they are my grand sons after all!!
I can't remember teaching Deven how to put on that stuff....hum????? Nana