August 26, 2008

My Baby Sister's Gittin' Hitched

I am the oldest of 5 children in my family. There were 4 girls and the last being a boy (poor thing). Well, my littlest sister is going to be getting married on September 6th.

Ah, I remember all of the stuff she is going through right now... down to the wire, nerves frazzled, fear of not having everything done, trying to move some items to your future residence, trying not to get too stressed so I didn't have a break out of the facial kind on my wedding day, etc, etc, etc...

I'm glad I don't have to do that again.

With all of the stress that comes along with it... you look around after it is all done and think, "what in the world have I been doing these last several months?".

I am NOT a look at me, here I am, type person... so I was so afraid that my wedding day, I would be a ball of nerves. But after I was sure my future hubby HAD in fact shown up, I was almost relieved that the day was there, and that I was going to be married to one of the most wonderful men to have ever walked this green earth.

But try telling a Bride-to-Be, "just relax, enjoy this time!"... yeah right.

Well, I wish my sister all the best. This is the fun part for families... you don't know it when you are in the position, but when you get married, your families are watchin' you! They are waitin' and watchin'. Now that you aren't being cared for by mom and dad, what's gonna happen? Is she gonna be able to handle cooking actual FOOD, cleaning, laundry, a job, new marriage??? EVERYDAY??? Now that I look back at my journey... oh my, I have come a long way. I didn't know how to do much. Luckily, I had spent SOME time in college, away from home, and could at least do my laundry.... kinda'. I'm surprised my husband even married me, actually. I had really no life experience. I guess he probably thought, if all else failed, he could do it... he can make spaghetti, he can fry some stuff, grill... at least we would be able to eat, right? Plus, I was cute... can't go wrong with cute... can you? Anyone? Hello?

Well, God has at least blessed me with a desire to learn more... I think things turned out pretty well. I can cook anything I put my mind to, I can follow recipes well, and I even experiment with dishes sometimes... That hubby of mine is one LUCKY MAN! hee hee hee hee hee.... I can also do laundry like a crazy woman (which I am) and get just about any stain out of clothes... Plus, I clean, I mend, I shop (frugally), I am an entertainer, a good dancer and singer... OK, maybe dancing is a bit of a stretch...

Anyways, I pray for the best in my sister and her new husband's life journey that they are about to begin.

I will include pics of the wedding later... you know after that wedding happens. She's gonna be a beautiful bride! Stay tuned...

(Pictures from a Wedding Shower)

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