August 12, 2008


One of our FAVORITE things to do as a family, is to go camping. Hubby and I have enjoyed it for years, and now our boys also love it as much as we do. Our camping has evolved over the years, as the family grew and as needs changed. We started out in a 3 person tent (It had to have been 3 very small people). Then we stepped it up to a 2 room tent. It fit Hubby, Deklyn and I just fine! We had that until, I think just after Caden was born. The rocks in our backs were getting to be too much, as we are getting a LITTLE older. Then we graduated to our current camping home, the pop-up. The only thing the pop-up has that the tent didn't, is electric. Well, and the beds aren't on the ground. There is no running water, no sink, no A/C, and not really any room! Basically, it is just a place to sleep. But we love it. Last year, though, we were slightly cramped in our pop-up. This year the bigger boys have already went camping. Koen and I stayed home because I didn't want to take my little babe out in the elements just yet.

Well, this week, we are all camping. But, we are kind-of cheating. We borrowed my in-laws camper. An actual camper. With a slide out, A/C, running water, potty, shower, fridge, and enough beds for everyone. The works, as we call it in the camping world... well, I don't really know what they would call that in the camping world but for this stage in our lives (with a baby in tow) it is a little easier!

So far, the boys have been riding bikes ( which seems to be a lost art in camping these days), they have been down at the beach building sand castles, and fishing. They love fishing. They went the first night and didn't catch anything. But they left early the next morning and were able to catch several. Caden told me yesterday, he wanted to catch a 'big wappa' (aka- big whopper) That boy, I tell you what.... you tell him to catch some fish, he'll catch some fish. You tell him to play this nearly impossible-to-win-game for a prize, in 3 tries, and he will win it in 2. You play a board game with him, and you, as an adult, better be prepared to lose. He says out loud what he wants to roll, or what he wants to happen, and IT DOES. And he gets so bored with all of the above.... I guess it's lonely at the top.

We also had blueberry pancakes, with some blueberries that we picked this year. Mmmmmmm! The food that comes along with camping can be so awesome! We also brought over potatoes from our garden and cut them up, put them over the fire and oh man.... delicious! That is one of our favorites!

Well, school starts next week and summer is drawing to a close. Our one last hoo-rah for the summer has been very fun. We have loved it so much, we would like to get a permanent spot out here, at the Circle B Campground in Angola. It's been a joy to have some family out this week, and hopefully we can do it all over again next summer!

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Holly said...

Your pancakes look almost as amazing as you do in this picture! Can't believe you were post-pardum in this pic!