August 5, 2008

Hobby Farmin'

OK, so we have a small farm. And none of our animals are too smart. But, darn it, for the most part, they sure can be fun. I love when our half-bald (molting?) hens come running up to our house from the barn. They run and it makes me smile.... no offence ladies. Yeah, I also call them my ladies. If you don't know the current run down of our animal population, here goes: We have 3 dogs (one maltese mutt named Sophi, one german shephard mutt named Girl Dog, creative I know, and one full breed Brittney Spaniel named Josh. We also have 4 rabbits: One old Cabby one named Ruby, one named Shepherd, one name Minnie, and one still un-named (after 3 months). We have 4 pigeons. I'll tell you about the pigeons another time, ones name is Pigee (as is pigeon, and we have 3 new ones (as of yet- un-named). We have 2 cats, one tigger cat named Goggly-eyes, and one yellow named Hopscotch-policeman. Yes we are into crazy names (if they ever get a name!). Our dearly-loved cat, Cougar, dies the spring, when he got hit by a car. The boys were all very sad, I even got a little teary. But we all found relief in knowing that he was in Heaven with Great-Grandma Leffel, and Great-Grandpa & Grandma Hostetler. And that we will get to see him someday. We also may be getting a new kitty in a few weeks. My parents cat has had kittens, and the boys LOVE cats because they love to cuddle! And last but not least, our chickens, I should say our hens and one Ginny. We started off with 5 ginnys, I'm sad to say, but through natural selection, now we only have 1. And we have, I believe 22 hens. These, like I said before, are so much fun to watch! I LOVE to watch then run! Only 2 of these have names.... keep in mind they are all FEMALE and also that our boys have named them: one's name is CHEETO, and the other is LARRY. Don't ask, I have no clue why. :) They all truly bring joy to my life!

So, there it is. Our Hobby Farm. We hope to add to it someday soon, maybe a rooster (to straighten out that Pesky Sophi!), maybe a duck or two, maybe a cow, or some goats. Here are some pictures of Austin feeding the chickens. He was feeding them peach peels, and they loved 'em!

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