August 20, 2008

Fro' me to You...

Ok- If you haven't ever noticed my links to blogs I spend time on, on the left side of the screen... then I want you to check one out now. It is HIL-AR-EE- OUS!!! Oh my goodness.... Go here to We are THAT Family. The woman is a Christian, and Sooo funny. Well, her life is just very full of funny, and thankfully, God gave the woman a sense of humor. The Link will lead you to her entries called "Fro' Me to You". This is a comical shout out to who we used to be, the begining, how we became who we are this day... It includes pictures too, GREAT pictures. She posts many pictures of herself, that most would be too afraid to!

I think I may do that on this site one of these days... lucky you. Just some funny pics from the past. Even though some parts of my life were anything but comical, I can look back, remember the heart-aches, the failures, etc and THANK GOD for each and everyone of those days. BECAUSE they made me who I am today, and if I hadn't taken the path I did, would I have met and married my wonderful husband? Who produces no female offspring? Then I may not have had my precious boys. I don't like the thought of them never being born! Hard as the road has been, every step has been ENTIRELY WORTH IT! (To everything there is a season.... Eccl. 3:1) Things happen in God's perfect time... not mine. If it were up to me, in 6th grade I would have been popular, I would have been a good singer, I would have been able to watch Mtv, and know all of the latest dance moves... the boys would have noticed me, maybe I shouldn't have been in band.... But, I will say it again: THANK GOD! I think him for always having control. If I had been popular, my life would have taken an ENTIRELY different road, maybe further from the truth of God. And if I hadn't been in band...well, I wouldn't be worshiping with our Worship Team in church now! I couldn't imagine not being part of the team now!

Let us not take for granted all of the roads we have been down in our lifetime, good or bad. Because all of them were planned, all of them on purpose, all of which made us, well... US.

Thank you God for loving me!

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