August 18, 2008

Starting School

So, it's school time. I started off the year last year homeschooling, and in January we put the boys into public school. That was our best choice for the boys, especially Deklyn, at the time. We had a small business, homeschooling, baby on-the-way, etc and we just couldn't fight another day with homeschooling. So all of this first of the year stuff is new to me, as a mom. Although, it is very nice with our school system, we do not need to buy anything but a backpack and gym shoes. No folders, no paper, no pencils.... So I think we are pretty much ready! This year Deklyn is in 2nd grade and Austin is in 1st. On Wednesday night we go and meet their new teachers. Deklyn was a little apprehensive, but the more we 'talk up' how great this year is going to be, the more he is getting used to the idea. Austin, he's ready.

Caden is also ready. But we aren't going to take him anywhere for preschool this year (too expensive!), I have all of the stuff to teach him from home. Plus, with the promise of making play dough, he's all ready. I found this great recipe, and I have all of the stuff right in my cupboard already! Here it is (in case you wanna try it!):

2 C. water
1 C. Salt
4 tsp. cream of tartar
4 Tbsp. veggie oil
2 C. flour
Coloring: use food coloring, liquid water color or kool-aid
In a large pot, start with water coloring, oil, salt & cream of tartar. When mixture is warm, add flour & mix well. Might be slightly lumpy but keep stirring until it forms a dough and pulls away from the sides . Remove from pan and cool.

I'm doing this with kool-aid, I have an abundance of the stuff, plus it'll make boys smell good!

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