August 29, 2008

Keep Deklyn in Your Prayers

Long story short, Deklyn went to school yesterday and passed out. We took him to the emergencey room. He had some tests done, CAT scan, EKG, and blood test. Everything checked out OK. Praise God. But they don't know what happened. Which doesn't set well with Mama!

In questioning Deklyn last night, it kind of sounds like he may have some blood sugar issues. I am taking him to his pediatrician next week.

So until then, pray for my boy!

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Erin said...

I've had fainting spells myself Sarah. Some in highschool, but they never found anything - but they always checked after I had eaten. And still to this day I can't go 5 hours without anything to eat or I'm in trouble. I hope that's what Deklyn's problem is from too. That is scary though. I'll be thinking about you all.